Eating in France

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There are three options available to the hungry traveller in France: Be very French. Have a restaurant meal for lunch, and just grab something light for tea from the shops which are generally open till 8pm. It’s not only a … Read More

Christmas Markets of France

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It’s 6pm. It’s been dark for two hours and the temperature is zero degrees. So grab some friends and stand outside drinking warm, sweetened red wine. It’s either madness or the Christmas Markets – or both – but it’s a … Read More

Driving in France – Road signs

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Driving in France requires understanding of the road signs. There are generally two waves of signs. The first encountered sign indicates the road number and major towns or cities that lie beyond. This can contain a dozen places names or … Read More

Driving in France

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Driving in France, like any country, requires a driver to remove all expectations about how drivers should drive, and add observations and experiences of how they do drive. It’s not a case of worse or better driving – it’s a … Read More